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Wordle: getDocued Today while the computer was putting this nice picture about getDocued together – I asked myself who is gD? I mean, yes we are all about new ideas, inspiring thoughts, about international affairs – in a way trying to be pretty “global”.

But who else is global? I mean most blogs seem to be a) very nation focused like most of the German or US Blogs or b) they are very focused on one topic – like the newest web gadgets or foreign affairs. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, that recently I’m looking for like minded blogs and platforms – so we can together create something more meaningful, sophisticated and inspiring. So plz. leave me any comments for Blogs I should go to and people I should talk to.

2 Responses to “Name my Niche”

  1. admin says:

    < I just noticed that if you look at that picture more closely, you get the impression that getDocued is about Drug Education > ^^

  2. adrian says:

    lol, indeed! make that connection yourself: drug education, government building, addictive, meth, history

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