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Feeding body&brain – browsing rss while having lunch

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

You may have had a first look on our rss radar by now (if you haven’t, it’s about time you do now!).

What do you think of it so far? We haven’t had any feedback yet, so we were wondering what people are thinking about getDocued in generell and more specificly about our rss radar – cuz it’s new. ^^
As for me, I found the rss radar quite comfortable, when it comes to finding new documentaries, which I can add to our archive – meaning they have their own link on the front page and a short personell description and rating. Today, I did exactly that, while having lunch. I’ve developed the habit of watching something while eating. That is probably quite a normal thing to do, at least I’ve seen it on sitcoms or movies all the time. Usually, people would chose the TV to eat in front of it, but since we do not have a television, I stick to the internet.
Thanks to getDocued, it has become quite easy for me, to find new online documentaries. Feeding body&brain at the same time seems quite efficient to me, eh?

You can find the result of my today’s rss radar scanning on the frontpage – I listened to Jeffrey Kluger talking about the first landing on the moon 40 years ago. Quite interesting, more than I’d thought at first, to be honest!

Something I noticed while browsing the rss radar is though, that is rather hard to find something interesting for someone (quite frankly) like me, who’s not interested in economics/market/liberal theories a.s.o. as our rss feeds in the english speaking section seem to be focused on exactly that. Is that just my imagination?
Also, I noticed that there seem to be more lectures and talks and just few documentary movies. I am not saying, that lectures/talks are less interesting, but in order to keep a certain balance, we might have to find more feeds on documentaries, maybe more on culture/travel/history and such. Any suggestions? :)